My poker beginnings

I find it only fitting, since this is my first blog, to write about how poker turned from a just game to an obsession after a trip to a local casino. As a lot of kids growing up I was exposed to playing card games as a form of recreation. Once high school came around, I and my friends would play games such as acey duecy, guts, Chicago and other oddball forms of poker for small stakes.

Like a lot of people, watching the movie “Rounders” and the emergence of televised poker got me and a few friends really interested in poker. I can still remember out first home game where about 8 of us anted up $20 apiece to play a tourney (The reason I remember is because I was fortunate enough to win it). At this point poker was just for fun but after my first trip to the casino it turned into an obsession.

A friend of mine invited me to go play a tournament at a local Indian gaming casino for $10 buy-in. What he failed to tell me was that it was a max $30 buy-in to get the full amount of chips ($10 got you 500 in chips and $30 got you 3000 in chips), regardless I decided to buy in for $10 for that is all I had. Well beginner’s luck was on my side since no one ever bought in for $10 the casino dealer accidently gave me $30 worth of chips. With this I was able to turn my $10 into about $100 for finishing in 3rd place (I also gave $20 tip to the dealer who accidently gave me the full buy-in).

After finishing 3rd I decided to play in a cash game. Since this was before the no-limit hold’em craze I had to play in a $3-$6 limit hold’em game. I was then hit flat in the face by the deck and was winning what seemed like every pot. I then proceeded to turn my $80 into $400 in a few hours. After that I thought wow what easy money and that’s when I was hooked and an obsession began. Little did I know then that with poker there is no such thing as easy money.


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