AA….My Curse

So once again my tale originates from the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles. It was a really busy Saturday night and the no limit hold’em tables were packed with at least a 30 minute wait if you weren’t at a table. My nemesis today was a man I call Baldy Donk as he was bald and a donk. Baldy was a very loose and aggressive player who seemed to be a part of every pot at my table. After about an hour of playing and me building my stack up to around $200 things took a turn for the worse in a 20 minute span.

I have had a little history with Baldy before and had played with him at an early session and I have seen him a few times jumping around the tables. I even busted him once with AA, but this story can be told as his revenge story. So as the title indicates at this point of playing I picked up AA in the hole versus Baldy. Baldy had been up and down and had around $60 or so. I raised to $15 before the flop and he was my only caller. The flop came down 10-7-3 rainbow and I decide to just put him all in for his last $40. He calls rather quickly and shows my 10-4 which was a surprise. The turn was a J and the river was of course a dreaded 4. So a little steamed at how the hand went down I proceeded to tighten up since my stack had dwindled down to around $120. Not more than five minutes later once again the cursed AA shows up. Baldy again was down to around $60 giving away all my precious chips on an earlier hand and on this hand raised to $20 before the flop. Not wanting to take any chances I moved all-in and he snap called. AA vs. 99. The flop came 9-9-3. UUUUGGGGHHHH! The rest of the cards didn’t even matter. So at this point I have around $60 left and a few hands later I bust missing a flush draw.

 I was officially on tilt at this point and against my better judgment I decided to buy back in for another $60. Now since the first time I had AA it had been only 20 minutes and all I was focused on was getting back to even. I lost $20 real quick when again AA rears its ugly head. So again baldy is short on chips but has me covered. One guy raises $15 pre-flop with JJ and Baldy calls, I of course move-in and both players call. Flop was A-2-5. So I was thinking “finally some luck” but then Baldy pushes all-in and the guy with JJ folds. I think I got him and am counting the chips in the pot. I turn over AA and the table says nice hand. Since it is a cash game he doesn’t have to show his hand and I think he has a pocket pair of some kind and have him crushed. Turn was a 9 and the river was a 4 for a A-2-5-9-4 board. To my utter dismay he turns over 8-3 for a rivered straight. I was screaming in my head “WWWWWWWWHHHHHAAAATTTT 8 fucking 3 not even suited”. I was pissed and stormed away from the table cursing AA while giving Baldy the evil eye.

We have all lost with AA and I have lost with it numerous amounts of time since but I will never forget this day in which AA went from a dream to a nightmare.

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  1. Quick send me this Mr Baldys details…and keep him sweet…in time he will pay people off, its just finding that time.

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