Where is the Love?

With the age of internet poker among us, the poker dealer is not really thought about anymore. I can remember the first time I played live poker and won a pot I was given this strange look by the dealer- more of a glare. I didn’t realize until someone next to me told me that it is poker etiquette to tip the dealer. Since then I would say I tip the dealer every time as long as the pot raked in was halfway decent.

The reason that I would like to acknowledge the dealers is that they are the people at the casinos that keep the game going smoothly and they don’t get enough credit. It is probably harder for online players to realize but they take a lot of crap from people and it can be a very unpleasant job. I have seen all sort of things happen at the casino when it comes to a dealer. I once say a guy win a jackpot for around $8000 and not tip the dealer one cent even though everyone else at the table had. Dealers live on tips and I will never forget the look of disgust on that dealer’s face after my first pot. I have seen people who just come to play to hit on the female dealers (that is always fun to see someone get shot down for an hour straight until the dealers switch tables). I see people who tip dealers every hand regardless if they even play it. Though these are good things the majority of the time dealers don’t get this kind of love.

Most of the time people are yelling or throwing their cards at them. For some people (I don’t know why) they associate the way the cards are dealt out with what the dealer does and nothing to do with randomness. They constantly blame dealers for their bad luck saying “how could you deal that river” or “stop giving me crappy cards”. They actually think the dealer makes their luck. It is always funny to me when people ask for a setup (a brand new deck is used) to change their luck cause the only thing the dealer has control of is the shuffle. I once saw a guy lose a huge pot on the river and threw his cards at the dealer and even attacked the dealer until security got a hold of them,

Yes, dealers make mistakes and are human. I have lost a few pots cause a dealer might misdeal or worse they have taken my cards away on accident thinking I folded, and of course I would be a little upset but not to the point where I would attack them. I always try to stand up for the dealer when they are getting attacked by someone else at the table even at the expense of getting attacked myself. The dealers are there to help you and make things easier not harder. So the next time you are at a casino show the dealer some love whether it be a tip or a compliment- believe me they will appreciate it.

Dealers need hugs too.

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