Poker a Love/Hate relationship

There is no feeling like being at the poker table and just dominating. There are those times that everything is going your way and you are getting all the right cards at the right time. Or you know you are reading your opponents so well that the cards don’t even matter and calling with 10 high is a good play. All of us as poker players have probably experienced this high in some way. When you are hot things are great. You feel like the best player in the world….and then it seems like someone turns a switch.

You go from on top of the world to feeling like rank amateur who can barley make a decent play. This is the point were poker players are faced with there own thoughts on his or hers game. With poker you must be consistently be re-evaluating the way you play. It is really an easy concept: maximize your wins and minimize your losses. But there is nothing easy about it. In my poker playing career it seems like some days my game is spot on and even if I am loosing I know that I am playing well and will eventually come on top. But when I am playing bad and letting people bluff me or not picking up those extra bets I feel like I have wasted so much time thinking I am a decent player to feeling that I shouldn’t even be at the table.

Poker is a funny game even if you happen to be great at it. Things can turn on a dime and the real key is to adjust to it. We will all have good days and bad days in poker but it is how you handle the bad days the puts you over the top. Just keep practicing and learning and no matter how bad things get it doesn’t last forever. With poker it is a Love/Hate relationship but if you’re lucky you will be doing a lot more loving then hating.